How A Simple Search Can Save Buyers $$$'s

As online shoppers look to make their money go further a quick search reveals why alternative marketplaces are helping savvy buyers.

In previous years you could be forgiven for thinking you could only find good deals on the dominant marketplaces such as eBay & Amazon. Now however there are a raft of other alternative venues with a massive selection of items listed for sale that are becoming increasingly popular with buyers.

AuctionPriceCheck is the recently launched service that searches through literally millions of items at the top online marketplaces. Returning both auction and fixed price products for sale in seconds it assists buyers in locating the best prices available.

Covering both the UK & US markets, buyers can search and compare results from up to seven venues in real time, with savings quickly becoming apparent. As sellers look to cut costs by advertising items on various established sites with lower overheads, buyers can find themselves saving more with items at a lower final cost.

Online Merchants Ltd spokeperson explained the history behind the new service: "We were responsible for creating one of the first ever auction search sites in the UK nearly fourteen years ago. Technology has certainly moved on since then and combined with the rise in popularity of alternative marketplaces we felt that the time was right to develop a new improved service for bargain hunters in both the US & UK."

Shoppers are quite rightly looking to make their money go further and using this new site will certainly help them towards that goal.

Buyers can perform a live search or find further information at:

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